2023 New Arrival M200 Series

JDiag M200 is an advanced and enhanced intelligent motorcycle diagnostic tool, which builds upon the foundation of its predecessors, M100 and M100Pro. The M200 represents a cutting-edge handheld diagnostic instrument for motorcycles, boasting dual system testing capabilities: a comprehensive motorcycle diagnostic system and a battery testing system.

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  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions

    Offer a wide range of diagnostic functions, allowing users to effectively identify and troubleshoot various issues in motorcycles. These tools can perform tasks such as reading and clearing fault codes, monitoring real-time data, conducting component testing, and adjusting vehicle parameters.

    Jdiag Diagnostic Tools 
  • Compatibility and Connectivity

    JDiag tools are designed to be compatible with a variety of motorcycle makes and models. They support the major motorcycle communication protocols, such as CAN, KWP2000, and ISO9141-2, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication with the motorcycle's electronic control unit (ECU).

  • User-Friendly Interface

    JDiag motorcycle diagnostic tools feature user-friendly interfaces that make them easy to operate for both professionals and enthusiasts. They often come with intuitive menus, clear display screens, and ergonomic designs, making it convenient to navigate through different diagnostic functions and access the necessary information quickly.

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