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JDiag M100 OBD Motorcycle Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader for Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki

JDiag M100 OBD Motorcycle Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader for Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki

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OBD2 Motorcycle Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader for Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki
diagntisc tool M100 for motocycle

Motorcyle OBD2 Scanner Universal Code Reader Battery Tester Diagnosis Tool JDM100 


  • M100 Moto Scanner is the new generation Handheld Motorcyle diagnostics tool, it covers virtually all major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions. It helps the technician to diagnose problems and make repairs faster;many common procedures are written into the tool so the technician can follow them (injectors, ignition, coils, fuel pump, etc.).
  • It allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (COTrimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor(TPS),re-setting auto adaptive parameters, and making idling adjustments.
  • The tool shows live data, displays ECUdata, reads stored faults(history) or live data (RPM,battery voltage, throttleangle).

Support Languages: English , Spanish ,Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay.

Support Motorcycle list: Hartford, Aeon, Honda, SYM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, Kawasaki, Piaggio, PGO, KTM, etc.

* Please contact us to inquire about model coverage before purchasing:


  • Read system information
  • Read data stream
  • Read fault code
  • Erase fault code
  • Freeze data
  • CO idle speed adjustment
  • Actuators test
  • ABS system test
  • Trouble shooting guidance
  • Tire pressure system test
  • Anti-theft system test

diagntisc tool equipped with many important features


1. Handheld operation, convenient and flexible to use.

2. Support for SD cards to store data and upgrades.

3. Reserved CAN bus interface.

4. 3.2-inch color screen, clear display.

6. Dynamic data with numerical and waveform.

battery test modes of diagntisc tool

diagntisc tool M100 can perform dual system detect

diagntisc tool M100 is Moto scanner and battery tester


  1. Power: DC10-15V
  2. Operating Current: 250mA
  3. Storage temperature: -10 C to 85 C
  4. Operating temperature: 0 C to 70 C
  5. Humidity: <90%
  6. Upgrade Ports: USB port
  7. Communication ports: COM port

Package List:

  • 1pc x Main Unit
  • 1pc x Main Test Cable
  • 1pc x OBD-16P Cable
  • 1pc x USB cable
  • 1pc x Power Clamp + Battery Test 2 in 1 cable
  • 1pc x Rubber Protective Case
  • 1pc x ABS ToolBox

the package list of diagntisc tool M100

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