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OBD2 Motorcycle Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader M100-Pro For Honda Kawasaki Honda

OBD2 Motorcycle Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader M100-Pro For Honda Kawasaki Honda

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1). OBDII Connector – Connects the scan tool to the vehicle’s data link connector- DLC

2). LCD Display – Displays menus and test results.

3). Green LED – indicates that engine System are running normally , The number of monitors on the vehicle which are active and performing their diagnostic testing is in the allowed limit, and no DTCs are present.

4). Yellow LED – indicates there is a possible problem. A Pending DTC is present or some of the vehicle’s emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing.

5). Red LED – indicates there is a problem in one or more of the vehicle’s system , The Red LED is also used to show that DTCs are present , DTCs are shown on the scan tools emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing.

6). EXIT BUTTON – Return to previous menu.

7). F1 BUTTON – Provides help information and Code Breaker function.

8). F2 BUTTON – Backspace function .

9). LEFT SCROLL BUTTON – Move cursor left for selection or turn page up when more that one page is displayed.

10). UP SCROLL BUTTON – Move cursor up for selection.

11). OK BUTTON- Confirms a selection or action from a menu list.

12). RIGHT SCROLL BUTTON – Move cursor right for selection, or turn page down when more than one page is displayed.

13). DOWN SCROLL BUTTON – Move cursor down for selection.

14). + – Press both buttons together to perform screen capture .

15). USB CNNECTOR – Connects the scan tool to the PC for printing and upgrading.

Package For Standard Version: 

    1. Main Unit (M100 Tester)
    2. Rubber Protective Case
    3. Main Test Cable
    4. OBD-16P Cable
    5. Gen VI-6P Cable
    6. Vespa/ Piaggio Aprilia-3F
    7. Cable For Honda-4P
    8. Cable For Suzuki-I
    9. Cable For Suzuki-II
    10. Cable For Suzuki-III
    11. Cable For SYM
    12. Cable For Kymco
    13. Cable For PGO-6P
    14. Cable For Aeon/Benelli-6P
    15. Cable For Kawasaki-I
    16. Cable For Yamaha-2
    17. USB Cable
    18. Power Claamp Cable
    19. Battery Test Cable
    20. User Manual
    21. Carrying Case

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