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TopDiag P200 Automotive Circuit Tester, 12V 24V Electrical Test Tool with Multimeter, Relay Test, Activating Component

TopDiag P200 Automotive Circuit Tester, 12V 24V Electrical Test Tool with Multimeter, Relay Test, Activating Component

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A rapid electronic system tester for 9V–30V systems. In the shortest amount of time, it can diagnose issues with the car's parts, electrical circuits, or fuel injectors. In addition to being significantly shorter, the test is also smarter and easier to use, making it appropriate for even the most inexperienced driver or maintenance engineer.

Multiple functions

Nearly all of the available probing tools. This device has several functions, including a multimeter, an oscilloscope mode, continuity testing, a relay test, activating components with your hands, testing power supplies, detecting ground, testing open and short circuits, testing trailer lights, testing signal circuits, checking for bad ground contacts, cleaning injectors, testing AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode, and frequency.

Power Probe Topdiag P200‘s features

Multimeter & Oscilloscope Tester

You've never seen a more powerful and adaptable Power Circuit Probe Kit than the P200 Circuit tester. With its special oscilloscope function and buzzer, it combines the multimeter's DC voltage (VDC), resistance (OHM), diode/on-off test (DIO), current (AMP), and frequency test functions. You can test components based on voltage, resistance value, frequency duty cycle, and waveform diagrams to quickly diagnose issues with your circuit system.

Power Probe Topdiag P200 Mutimeter Mode

Activation Components

Electrical components like lights, motors, and solenoids can be activated and dynamically tested by applying ground or battery power directly to the probe tip.

Power Probe Topdiag P200 activating componment

Relay Test

There are few things more frustrating than being stranded on a path at night due to a burned-out light relay, misplacing your radio while traveling, or not being able to complete a project because you are missing a minor relay. Fix your lights on the fly and keep the road trip going all night long with our P200 relay test.

Power Probe Topdiag P200 Relay Test

Smart Test

With a 20-foot cable, you can quickly help you diagnose the condition of the car without having to open the wiring when connected to the probe of the Car Electrical Test Tool to measure voltage, resistance, and positive/negative polarity. It will automatically become an instant auto-range, intelligent judgment does not require manual selection, and the corresponding parameter values and prompts are displayed on the HD LCD screen.

Power Probe Topdiag P200 has 12 intelligent  diagnostic functions







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