2023 Newest best motorcycle obd 2 scanner

2023 Newest Motorcycle Diagnostic Tools - JDiag M200

JDiag M200 is an intelligent motorcycle diagnostic tool released in 2023. It is a handheld device, designed to help technicians diagnose and troubleshoot various electronic systems in motorcycles, including the engine, ABS, suspension, and body control modules.

JDiag M200 obd motorcycle scanner has 17 functions

New features

JDiag M200 has Motorcycle dual system testing:

Motorcycle Diagnostic System

The JDiag M200’s motorcycle diagnostic system is designed to diagnose and repair a wide range of motorcycle issues quickly and accurately. The system utilizes advanced diagnostic software to communicate with the motorcycle's onboard computer system, allowing users to read fault codes, view live sensor data, perform active tests, and much more. With the JDiag M200, users can easily troubleshoot common problems such as engine misfires, poor fuel economy, and electrical issues.

Battery Testing System

JDiag M200 is also a battery tester for motorcycle. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable testing results for 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, and gel batteries.The device can perform a range of tests, including cranking, charging system tests, and battery load tests. It also features an LCD screen that displays the testing results in real time, allowing users to quickly and easily identify any issues with their battery.

M200 obd motorcycle scanner Injector Test/Clean/Signal Detection

Injector Test/Clean/Signal Detection

The JDiag M200 obd motorcycle scanner help you can easily diagnose problems related to your vehicle's fuel injectors such as clogging, poor performance, and other issues that may affect engine operation. The injector test function allows you to check the status of each individual fuel injector. The cleaning function uses a proprietary cleaning solution to clean out any buildup or deposits that may be affecting injector performance. The signal detection function helps you to identify any issues with injector signal transmission.

Just a few minutes, by connecting the device to your vehicle's OBD2 port, you can quickly identify any issues with your fuel injectors and take appropriate action.

Relay Test

The M200 is equipped with a relay test function that supports testing of 4Pin and 5Pin relays by connecting relay test boxes and devices via Type-c.

The relay test allows you to test the operation of the electrical relays in your motorcycle's electrical system. Relays are important components that help control various electrical circuits in your motorcycle, such as the fuel pump, ignition system, and lights.

Maintenance Assistant

Provides all wiring pin definitions of JDiag cable.

For example, when you do not have Honda Yamaha or other brands of cable, you can check the wiring diagram of the Yamaha cable in the maintenance assistant and use the universal cable to connect.

Signal Simulator

Crankshaft Signal:  It is used by the ECM to determine when to fire the spark plugs and inject fuel into the cylinders. By simulating this signal, the M200 can test the functionality of the ECM without actually starting the engine.

PWM Signal: This signal is a pulse-width modulated signal that is used by the ECM to control various components such as the fuel pump and idle air control valve. By simulating this signal, the M200 can help diagnose issues with these components.

Injector Signal: This signal is used by the ECM to trigger the fuel injectors at the correct time during the engine cycle. By simulating this signal, the M200 can test the functionality of the fuel injectors and their wiring.

Ignition Signal: This signal is used by the ECM to trigger the ignition coils, which in turn produce the high voltage needed to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the cylinders. By simulating this signal, the M200 can test the functionality of the ignition system and its wiring.

WiFi Wireless Update

JDiag M200 built-in 2.4GHz high-speed transmission WiFi module, online cloud service automatic upgrade. In order to keep the diagnostic tool up-to-date, it is important to update its firmware regularly. The WiFi wireless update feature allows users to update the firmware of the JDiag M200 without having to connect it to a computer using a USB cable. Instead, the update can be done wirelessly over a WiFi network, which is much more convenient and quicker.

Thermal Paper Printing

The JDiag M200 comes with thermal paper printing device primarily used for printing diagnostic information. It can print various types of data, such as fault codes, freeze frame data, and live sensor data, in real-time, providing mechanics and technicians with valuable information to diagnose and fix problems in Motorcycles.

Support one-button printing, when reading fault code data or battery test, you can press F4 to print.

What can JDiag M200 do?

The JDiag M200 is a professional diagnostic tool for motorcycles. It can perform a wide variety of diagnostic functions, including:

Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the motorcycle's electronic control modules (ECMs), including the engine, transmission, ABS, and other modules.

Providing live data streaming from the motorcycle's sensors, allowing technicians to see real-time information on how the motorcycle is performing, such as engine speed, temperature, and sensor voltages.

Conducting active tests to check the operation of various motorcycle systems, such as fuel injectors, actuators, solenoids, and switches.

Programming and configuring replacement parts and systems, such as throttle bodies, keys, and immobilizer systems.

Resetting service reminders and maintenance intervals on the motorcycle's dashboard.

Support 13 languages:

English, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, French, Cambodian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German.

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